Dear friends!

The exhibition BOSCH: Visions Alive invites aspiring artists, kids and adults alike, to attend our new ART and DESIGN WORKSHOPS.

This time, all of our workshops will, one way or another, deal with SURREALISM (combining dreams with reality) – in honor of the great Netherlandish artist, one of the biggest Northern Renaissance masters, a painter known for his mysterious visions and keen observations of the enigma of the human soul – HIERONYMUS BOCSH!


It is a creative, educational and recreational space for young artists from the age of five and adults alike. The project was launched as part of our first multimedia show THE GREAT MODERNISTS, and was also active during our previous project MICHELANGELO: THE CREATION.

Our main goal is to combine painting lessons with learning about art history.

During the workshops, children learn about the lives and careers of famous artists from various ages and of various styles, about their ideas and peculiar artistic features, and use their knowledge to create their own hommages, that is, works paying homage to another artist.


Our program helps our little students learn something new about art at each workshop – they learn how to compare and see the difference, foster an appreciation for art, try new things and find out what they like the most, use what they have learned in their creative work. And, eventually, put together a picturesque puzzle consisting of all the little bits and pieces they have learnt about great artists during the workshops.

Besides painting and drawing with PENCILS, PASTELS, PAINTS, INDIAN INK and DIP PENS, we also work with other materials, such as FABRIC, CLAY, PAPER, WOOD, PLASTER, etc. This helps our little students see that art can be used in designing and decorating everyday items around us. They learn how to create things both on flat paper and in three-dimensional space.

All the materials needed for the workshop are included.

To stay updated on our schedule follow us on FACEBOOK:


You can attend our workshops on a regular basis, making it a comprehensive course, or you can attend just one workshop to have fun, learn a thing or two about art and be creative.


Fri – session from 17:00 till 20:00
Sat – sessions 14:00 –16:00; 16:00–18:00; 18:00–20:00
Sun – sessions 14:00–16:00; 16:00–18:00; 18:00–20:00

An hour-long workshop session costs 300 RUB.

Our students can decide for themselves for how long they want to be creative


TO REGISTER, PLEAS CALL: 89161182317 or leave a message on our Facebook page.

You don’t need to bring any materials with you, only your creativity and cheerful mood.


Dear visitors, we would be glad to organize and hold creative workshops for groups of school or university students, or any other company of friends or colleagues. Moreover, visiting our exhibition and attending a workshop could be a great birthday present! Please contact us to set the day and time of your visit.

You are most welcome!